Enterprise Training



SEO is simply through reasonable optimization of the site after the search engine for you to bring users. In the era of big data, SEO has long been one of the essential skills in every Internet business model. Aurora can not only support you technically, we also hope that through our professional SEO training, we will be equipped with the skills to develop strategies for today's Internet marketing.



E-commerce has been one of the most popular training courses in the market. The main let you know e-commerce application mode, basic composition and today's most powerful sales weapons network marketing. Through aurora Electronica business training, you will learn how to bring the traditional marketing model to the Internet, and get a steady stream of orders skills.


Video production

Video networking is the new trend of network marketing. It not only has the characteristics of strong appeal and diversified forms of film and television, but also combines the advantages of Internet interaction, active transmission and low transmission speed and cost. Training courses for aurora video production will be the best shortcut for you to master innovative marketing methods and provide a quality customer experience.


Cloud Computing&AI

AWS Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

This training will provide a comprehensive understanding of AI & cloud computing concepts, technologies, and key applications. The outcome is to gain tech skills & industrial development experience in software dev, AI & cloud computing.