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Learn about Aurora Td

Aurora Tech Development Inc」is formed by a group of passionate and experienced system analyst, designer, and web developers. We provide IT solutions to our clients at the best price.


Development Team


System Analyst

Assist large system design, improve performance of website, website system analysis, improve effectiveness of developers


Software Developer

Software Development, Backend Development, Database Design, System debug and bug fixes, Web security


Font End Designer

Website front end design, HTML and Javascript design, front end improvement, Responsive Web Design

1. Communication + System Analysis

Good communication with our clients is our key to success. First, we learn about our clients’ and market’s requirements and conduct system analysis, provide our clients with full website designsolution and website planning. Before the project starts, we assemble a team of experts to work on it. We learn about our client’s branding and marketing goals, brain storming and finally come with the exceptional website design. We don’t just do development, but also help with the website planning


2. Design Requirements + Teamwork

In order to assist our clients, our different teams work together and finalize our website designs and planingsl. We have the best team members (PMs, designers, media designers, developers, QAs) to work on the projects on time and on budget.


 3. Warranty + Marketing

As long as it is developed by us, we provide “lifetime-guarantee”. When our client has large problem with the website and can’t find out why, we provide bug fixes, and extra website maintance requirement. When the project ends, we will provide related documentation and design, and provide proper training for our clients. We have many different digital marketing tools available for our clients to choose from. We give the best advise to help our clients to achieve their marketing goals.

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