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APP development

Aurota Technology Development provides APP development,wechat mini APP development. We develop both UI/UX design and Android, IOS, HTML APPs for both mobile phones and tablets. In order to maximize the benefit for our customers, we fully integrate our customers’ business requirement, art requirement and technical requirement.

Providing Value through mobile APP

Mobile APP can help companies to achieve targeted marketing. APP can also push the latest News and promotions from the company to target audience in a more precise and timely manner.


Improved Customer loyalty. Keep existing customers, and let word of mouse become your best advertising strategy.


Focus on existing customers. Improve customer satisfaction, and prompt for their next purchase.


Messages can be delivered to Customers anywhere and anytime, not limited by time and space.


Enterprise can spend least on advertising, while maximizing ROI. Compared to traditional method of advertisement, mobile APP advertisement has no need to pay for click times or play times. At the same time, it is more graphical and vivid. Therefore, Mobile APP is your best choice in terms of effectiveness and cost saving.


Customer Intermittent impulse spending can bring huge profit, especially in e-commence related APP

If the goal of the app is to keep the existing customer, promoting the app is the only method to keep your customers. Low download rate or low usage rate of your app makes your time and money a waste, and the app itself becomes a zombie on the app store, and you may risk losing your existing customers. In order to gain and keep customers, a proper marketing strategy must in place, which will help App promotion, company branding, and arise in today’s competitive market.

Our Customers
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