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SEO is simply through reasonable optimization of the site after the search engine for you to bring users. In the era of big data, SEO has long been one of the essential skills in every Internet business model. Aurora can not only support you technically, we also hope that through our professional SEO training, we will be equipped with the skills to develop strategies for today's Internet marketing.


  • Basic computer skills knowledge

  • No previous SEO knowledge or experience is required.



E-commerce has been one of the most popular training courses in the market. The main let you know e-commerce application mode, basic composition and today's most powerful sales weapons network marketing. Through aurora Electronica business training, you will learn how to bring the traditional marketing model to the Internet, and get a steady stream of orders skills.


  • Basic computer skills knowledge

  • No prior technical skills are necessary - If you can use a browser you can do this course.

  • A willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.


Data Analytics

Data analysis can help companies better understand their customers, evaluate their ad campaigns, personalize content, create content strategies, and develop products. Ultimately, businesses can use data analytics to boost business performance and improve their bottom line. This course will provide you with a strong foundation in data analytics, tools, and statistics. It will help you use data analytics, big data, and predictive analytics to optimize performance in fields such as data warehousing, data management, data modelling, data mining, machine learning and more. It may provide you with the necessary knowledge for career promotion or other professional enrichment.


  • Basic computer skills knowledge

  • Basic business management knowledge


Cloud Computing&AI

AWS Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

This training will provide a comprehensive understanding of AI & cloud computing concepts, technologies, and key applications. The outcome is to gain tech skills & industrial development experience in software dev, AI & cloud computing.


  • Basic computer skills knowledge

  • No prior technical skills are necessary


Social Media Marketing Essentials

Social Media Marketing Essentials is a foundational course designed to provide

students with a fundamental understanding of key concepts and practices in social

media marketing. Through interactive learning experiences and real-world case studies,

students will develop the skills necessary to create and execute effective social media

strategies that align with organizational goals and target audience needs.

Training Schedule: Flexible upon your availability. Weekend and night class is possible.
Location: online course due to COVID-19

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